The UK Race and Europe Network (UKREN) is a network of local and national organisations across Great Britain and Northern Ireland that work to combat race discrimination within a European context. It does this through sharing information between members and co-ordinating action on race equality issues. It aims to provide policy makers with a UK civil society perspective on European race equality issues and to encourage a positive public debate on race in Europe. Membership is open to organisations in the UK who fight racism and promote race equality. It is free to join.

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The greatest stain on the UK’s human rights record?

Friday 24 March 2017
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Exactly fourteen months to the day that the Shaw Review into the Welfare in Detention of Vulnerable persons was published, Anne McLaughlin, SNP MP for Glasgow North East launched a Westminster debate that challenged not only the government’s failure to uphold the review, but the very existence of detention itself.

New lows in the 'hostile environment': charities round up EU national rough sleepers

Friday 10 March 2017
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Exposures on behalf of Corporate Watch this week have revealed the government’s “hostile environment” policy is penetrating public institutions at a rate that is no means short of terrifying.

Immigration controls, but at what cost?

Thursday 9 March 2017
Category: General
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From reading Prime Minister Theresa May’s speech about the UK’s departure from the EU, it is quite clear that her government’s highest priority is to limit immigration

Latest news

'Great Repeal Bill' should not be used to avoid parliamentary scrutiny

On 8 March, the Constitution Committee of the House of Lords proposed new measures to safeguard the rights of Parliament as the process of Brexit gets underway. 

New EU Commission plans on returns and detention will create more harm and suffering

Bowing down to political pressure to be “tough” on irregular migration, the European Commission has turned its back on the full implementation of human rights safeguards in its Returns’ Directive and is actively pushing member states to lower the bar.


ECRI report on UK

The European Commission against Racism and Intolerance published their monitoring report on the UK on 4 October.

Causes & motivations of hate crime

The Equality and Human Rights Comission publish a research report on the causes and motivations of hate crime.

UKREN activities

Cities and Communities: alternative approaches to combating race and religious hate

UKREN seminar that examines successful approaches to how cities and communities can prevent hate crime, increase reporting of incidents and better protect victims. Speakers include a community advocate from Northern Ireland, a police commissioner from Antwerp, a director of a highly successful community organisation, a big city and a small city.

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Home Affairs Committee inquiry on hate crime

UKREN made a joint submission with Migrants' Rights Network to the Home Affairs Committee's inquiry on hate crime and its consequences. Submission here.


EU residence inquiry

UKREN made a joint submission with Migrants' Rights Network to a British Future-led cross party inquiry on the residence status of EU nationals in the UK. Submission here.



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