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Wednesday 22 June 2016

10 articles about the #EURef that aren’t pale, male, and stale


In less than 24 hours time the polling stations will be open for business. For those who haven’t had their fill of referendum chatter, we’ve picked our 10 favourite articles about the EU Referendum, written by people of colour. See you at the box!

1. White Men Dancing: The EU Referendum Hokey Cokey - By Kiri Kankhwende

Corbyn’s EU vision is worth staying IN for - Maurice McCleod

Two for one from Media Diversified’s ever on-point political column ‘White Men Dancing’; Kiri Kankhwende and Maurice McCleod take a long, hard look at the referendum circus.

Image: Operation Black Vote

2. Is Europe Good for Race Equality in Britain? - By Simon Woolley

The Founder of Operation Black Vote sets out his position that the EU can be a positive institution for black and minority British citizens.

3. How will EU debate impact migrant solidarity? - By Anindya Bhattacharyya

Writer and lecturer Anindya Bhattacharyya looks towards a (then) looming media circus which will observe “all sides of this debate or pseudo-debate, competing and almost tripping over each other to see who can bash the migrants the hardest”.

4. It ain’t easy being a black Brexiteer -  By Dreda Say Mitchell

Crime novelist Dreda Say Mitchell describes her experience sharing a panel, on the same side as UKIP’s Nigel Farage.

5. My Immigrant Mum Wants to Leave the EU - By Qudrat Khan

Politics student Qudrat Khan talks to her Mum about the EU, UK foreign policy, and selective immigration.

Photo: Sputnik News

6. EU Referendum: Are you in or out? - By Ade Onibada

The latest dose of The Voice’s excellent Brexit coverage- examining the issues black voters need to consider when deciding to remain or leave the EU.

7. I asked a question about Brexit on national TV. Cue the racist backlash. - By Imriel Morgan

Melanin Millenials Podcast host Imriel Morgan reflects on the inflammatory anti-immigration rhetoric in the EU debate- and her first-hand experience of racist Twitter trolls.

Image: Bloomberg

8. Brexit could dull London’s sheen as offshore yuan centre - By Enoch Yiu

Chief Business Reporter of the South China Morning Post Enoch Yiu presents the potential impact of #Brexit on the UK’s trade relationship with China.

Image: Bristol Commonwealth Society

9. Brexit will allow Britain to embrace the Commonwealth - By Tamara Chabe

Grassroots Out (GO) campaigner Tamara Chabe presents the case for #Brexit: a chance for Britain to become an internationalist and self-governing trading nation.

10. Tea Leavers and Champagne for Remain: what your shopping basket says about your EU stance - By Anoosh Chakelian

A little light refreshment to round off a frankly, stressful referendum campaign period: the New Statesman’s Deputy Web Editor Anoosh Chakelian pulls together the vital stats on voters’ nutritional choices.

By Leah Cowan


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